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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Jacob Lind


Post doc at Malmö University (visiting scholar at Copenhagen University), Sweden



My Doctoral dissertation discussed the experiences of undocumented migrant children and families everyday lives in Sweden and the UK. In the thesis I show how Children’s rights are crucial in the everyday struggles of undocumented migrant children and families, yet rights are also mobilised for migration control. I also discuss the concept of "vulnerabilisation", which highlights how a central cause of undocumented migrant children’s vulnerability are the hostile policies created by states who, in turn, use that vulnerability to rationalise the governing of their mobility and territorial presence.



Lind, J. (2020). The politics of undocumented migrant childhoods: Agency, rights, vulnerability [Malmö University].

Lind, J. (2019a). Governing vulnerabilised migrant childhoods through children’s rights. Childhood, 26(3), 337–351.

Lind, J. (2019b). Sacrificing parents on the altar of children’s rights: Intergenerational struggles and rights in deportability. Emotion, Space and Society, 32, 100529.

Lind, J., & Persdotter, M. (2017). Differential Deportability And Contradictions Of A Territorialised Right To Education—A Perspective From Sweden. Movements. Journal Für Kritische Migrations- Und Grenzregimeforschung, 3(1), 51–69.

Lundberg, A., & Lind, J. (2017). Technologies of Displacement and Children’s Right to Asylum in Sweden. Human Rights Review, 18.

Lind, J. (2017). The duality of children’s political agency in deportability. Politics, 37(3), 288–301. 


Irregular migration, children's rights governing, everyday life
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