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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Ms Özlem Lakatos


PhD Candidate, Research & Teaching Assistant, Centre for Children's Rights Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland



Özlem Lakatos has an interdisciplinary background in law and political science. She studied in France, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium. She is currently PhD Candidate and Research/Teaching assistant at the Centre for Childrenʼs Rights Studies of the University of Geneva. She is working on a doctoral thesis where she is taking a gender and postcolonial approach to addressing the issue of representation and rights of “girls” in the international sphere. Her thesis is entitled: “Universal category, specific rights? From the rights of the child to the rights of ʼgirlsʼ at the United Nations (1989-2019)”.



Jaffé, Ph.D., Zermatten, J. & Lakatos, Ö (2022, forthcoming). Government, Policy and the Role of the State in Childhood (Switzerland). Bloombury Education and Childhood Studies. Bloomsburry Academic, London.

Lakatos, Ö., & Jaffé, Ph. D. (2021). Childrenʼs Rights and Womenʼs Rights: Convergence and Complementarity. Womenʹs Rights and Childrenʹs Rights : Towards an integrated approach in Development Cooperation, 12-26. Genève, Suisse : Enfants du Monde and University of Geneva.

Jaffé, Ph.D. et Lakatos, Ö. (2019). Children marching towards total participation. Dans J. Zermatten et Ph.D. Jaffé (dir.), 30 ans de droits de l'enfant : un nouvel élan pour l'humanité ! (p. 114-123). Genève, Suisse : Association 30 ans de droits de l’enfant.


Children's rights, women's and girls' rights, gender studies and human rights, post-colonial and decolonial studies, UN Human Rights System.
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