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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Omri Grinberg


Postdoctoral Fellow (several institutions), Canada



I’m a socio-cultural and political-legal anthropologist with background in Visual Studies and Literature, and an interest in sociolinguistics. My research focuses on definitions and modes of representation of violence in bureaucratic and legal interactions between human rights NGOs and state extensions, as part of a political cultural theatre that includes everyday life, media, and art. I apply inter-disciplinary tools to trace and analyze adaptations of testimony and struggles over archival issues in Israel/Palestine, specifically examining the ethical impetus and technical-practical wrangling that typify the backstage of such processes. In 2019 I completed a PhD in Anthropology and Jewish Studies from the University of Toronto, and since then I’ve had several postdoctoral fellowships. Regarding Childhood Studies, I’ve done research and published several papers about a specific phenomenon of Palestinian child labor in Israel/Palestine, its representations by Israelis and discourses about it.




Israel/Palestine; NGOs and human rights; violence; bureaucracy; witness-testimony and archives.
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