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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Laura Gilliam


Associate Professor, Phd, Section of Educational Anthropology, DPU, Aarhus University, Denmark



I have a PhD in Educational Anthropology and a MPhil in Anthropology from University of Copenhagen. My research lies in the intersection between research on school, children and ethnicity, focusing on the relationship between children and young people's experiences, identities, practices and communities, the institutional logics and practices of the school, and the norms, conflicts and civilising projects of the broader society.



Gilliam, L., & Gulløv, E. (2017). Children of the welfare state: civilising practices in schools, childcare and families. Pluto Press. Anthropology, Culture and Society

Gilliam, L., & Gulløv, E. (2022). Children as Potential: A Window to Cultural Ideals, Anxieties and Conflicts. Children's Geographies, 20(3), 311-323. [5].

Gilliam, L. (2022). Being Muslim 'without a fuss': Relaxed religiosity and conditional inclusion in the Danish school and society. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 45(6), 1096-1114.

Gilliam, L. (2019). Secularities-in-practice: Accommodating Muslim pupils and preserving Danish identity in multi-ethnic Danish schools. Journal of Religion in Europe, 12(1), 1-26.

Gilliam, L. (2015). Being a good, relaxed or exaggerated Muslim. religiosity and masculinity in the social worlds of Danish schools. In M. Sedgwick (Ed.), Making European Muslims: religious socialization among young Muslims in Scandinavia and Western Europe (pp. 165-186). Routledge. Routledge studies in religion Vol. 40


Identity, ethnicity, gender and religion in school - with a specific focus on ethnic minority boys and children of Muslim background.
A Norbert Elias approach to children, education and school-state figurations
Schools as civilizing institutions: projects of upbringing and integration in a welfare state.
Second generation minority parents, upbringing practices and school strategies in a generational perspective.
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