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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Ms Lynda Dunlop


Senior Lecturer, University of York, United Kingdom



My research focuses on environmental, political and philosophical issues associated with education and youth participation in environmental decision-making. I recently co-led the British Educational Research Association 2021 Research Commission on Education for Environmental Sustainability and am currently co-leading DICEY (Dialogue on Climate Engineering with Youth), funded by the UKRI/RSA.



Dunlop, L., Atkinson, L., Stubbs, J., & Turkenburg, M. G. W. (2021). The role of schools and teachers in nurturing and responding to climate crisis activism. Children's Geographies, 19(3), 291-299.

Dunlop, L., Rushton, E., Atkinson, L., Cornelissen, E., de Schrijver, J., Stadnyk, T., Stubbs, J., Su, C., Turkenburg, M. G. W., Fernanda, V., Blake, C., Calvert, S., Dècle, C., Dhassi, K., Edwards, R., Malaj, G., Mirjanić, J., Saunders, W., Sinkovec, Y., ... Yuan, X. (2022). Youth co-authorship as public engagement with geoengineering. International Journal of Science Education Part B.

Dunlop, L., & Rushton, E. (2022). Putting climate change at the heart of education: Is England's strategy a placebo for policy? British Educational Research Journal. 

Dunlop, L., Rushton, E., Atkinson, L., Ayre, J., Bullivant, A., Essex, J., Price, L., Smith , A., Summer, M., Stubbs, J., Turkenburg, M. G. W., & Wood, L. (2022). Teacher and youth priorities for education for environmental sustainability: a co-created manifesto. British Educational Research Journal. 


Education, environment, politics
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