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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Aoife Daly


Lecturer in Law, University College Cork, Ireland



Aoife specialises in human rights law and children’s rights, particularly in relation to children’s autonomy rights and children’s civil and political rights. Her research into how the law treats children’s competence across different areas was funded 2020-2021 by the Independent Social Research Foundation. She is at present researching how the law treats the interests of children and young people as a distinct group, particularly when it comes to climate mitigation. Her third monograph, Youth Climate Activism and International Human Rights Law, is forthcoming with Routledge, 2024.




Youth climate activism and international human rights law (Routledge, forthcoming, 2023)

Children, Autonomy and the Courts: Beyond the Right to be Heard (Brill, 2018) 

A Commentary on the UNCRC, Article 15: The Right to Freedom of Association and to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly (Brill, 2016)

Journal articles:
• Aoife Daly (forthcoming, 2022), “Climate Competence: The impact of youth climate activism on human rights” Human Rights Law Review
• Aoife Daly (2021), “Good Relations: Kinship Care in Liverpool, UK and the Views of Professionals on Human Rights” 13 Journal of Human Rights Practice 1
• Aoife Daly and Catherine O’Sullivan (2020), “Sexuality Education and International Standards: Insisting Upon Children’s Rights” 42 Human Rights Quarterly 4
• Aoife Daly (2020), “Assessing Children’s Capacity: Reconceptualising our Understanding through the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” 28 International Journal of Children’s Rights 3:

Online Publications:
• “Climate crisis: how states may be held responsible for impact on childrenThe Conversation, 20th October, 2021. 
• “COVID vaccines for under-16s: why competent children in the UK can legally decide for themselvesThe Conversation, 20th September, 2021. With Helen Stalford and Kerry Barry
• “How children are taking European states to court over the climate crisis – and changing the lawThe Conversation 8th April, 2021. With Rebecca Thorburn Stern and Pernilla Leviner


Human rights based approaches, international human rights law, children’s rights, new climate activists, children’s capacities, children’s civil and political rights.
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