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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Louise Crowley


Professor of Law, University College Cork, Ireland



Professor Louise Crowley is a family law expert at the School of Law, University College Cork, Ireland, where she is the Director of the LLM (Children’s Rights and Family Law). Louise is the author of the leading Irish text Family Law (Roundhall Thomson). Her research focusses on the regulation of family formations in a modern and diverse Ireland, in the context of a restricted application of Constitutional protection, limited exclusively to families based on marriage. Louise is a national voice on intimate partner violence having published widely on the adequacy of legal responses to the challenges of gender based violence and works with service providers and state agencies to highlight the need for greater and targeted investment in service provision. Louise was a member of the Government appointed expert group that developed the National Framework to end Sexual Harassment and Vioelnce at Third Level and continues to advise on law and policy reform. At UCC, Louise has developed the campus-wide Bystander Intervention initiative which seeks to educate and empower staff and students to challenge the normalisation of sexual abuse and to recognise their role as pro-social bystanders to effect change and bring about a new normal of safety and respect.



Family Law (Roundhall)


Child poverty, social exclusion, mixed methods, participatory methods
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