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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Richard Collier


Professor of Law, Newcastle University, United Kingdom



Richard is a Professor of Law and Social Theory at Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University. Richard’s primary areas of research interest have been in the field of law and gender, with a particular focus in the past on issues around men and masculinities. The work encompasses the fields of Law, Families and Social Change (e.g. work on fatherhood and law, fathers’ rights and responsibilities) , Gender and the Legal Profession (e.g. male lawyers and work-life balance) and Gender and Crime/Criminology. He is presently completing a book for CUP on wellbeing in the legal community and has been involved in several recent research projects in the area including the 2021 report Life in the Law, the first UK wide cross-professional, cross-jurisdictional research study into the mental wellbeing of lawyers.



Men, Law and Gender: Rethinking The ‘Man of Law’ (Routledge); Fragmenting Fatherhood: A Socio-Legal Study (Hart); Fathers’ Rights Activism and Law Reform in Comparative Perspective (Hart); Masculinities, Crime and Criminology (Sage); Masculinity, Law and the Family (Routledge).


Law and gender, men and masculinities; wellbeing and mental health in the legal community; fatherhood and law; Gender and the Legal Professions; Legal Education.
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