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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Thomas Beery


Associate professor in environmental education, Kristianstad University, Sweden



My teaching research is within the environmental social science and education. I am particularly interested in issues that contribute to environmental problem solving from an educational and interdisciplinary perspective. The key theme of much of my research is "connection with nature." This work reflects my interest in the human relationship with the rest of nature. An area of policy interest is how we can better integrate children's wellbeing into ecosystem services policy.



Recent scholarly articles (2020-2022)

Beery, T. & Fridberg, M. (2022). Swedish early childhood educators’ views on teaching to promote connectedness to nature. International Journal of early childhood environmental education, 9 (3).

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Galway, L.P., Beery, T., Buse, C., Gislason, M.K. (2021). What drives climate action in Canada’s provincial north? Exploring the role of connectedness to nature, climate worry, and talking with friends and family. Climate, 9(10),146.

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Junghanns, J., & Beery, T. (2020). Ecological Sanitation and Sustainable Nutrient Recovery Education: Considering the Three Fixes for Environmental Problem-Solving. Sustainability, 12, 3587. 


Connection to nature; Ecosystem services; Environment and outdoor education; Landscape science
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