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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson


Senior Researcher and Lecturer in Policy and Intersectionality at IRDR, University College London, United Kingdom



My research area is broad and interdisciplinary with a particular focus on the interconnections between intersectionality, policy and climate change, and their overlaps with human (im)mobility and migration, or health and mental wellbeing. My work is well-published and widely covered by media outlets across the world.

I am on the SHERA research committee ( investigating mental health of mothers and children in the context of domestic abuse and Family Court proceedings in England and Brazil, Hague Mothers Legacy Project ( that amplify the voices of the women who are further abused as a result of decisions made under the Hague Convention to return their children. I also lead the mental health and climate change work of the Lancet Countdown ( and I was part of the RCPSYCH Climate Emergency and Mental Health Task and Finish Group.

At the moment, I am particularly seeking to further our understanding of psychologically and legally ‘trapped’ populations, gender-based violence and policy protection (or lack of protection), the mental health impacts of humanitarian disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic or specific legal systems (such as the family courts) or policy tools (such as the Human Rights Act, the Istanbul Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and Family Law), and non-economic losses and damages in the context of the UNFCCC climate negotiations.



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Book chapters, reports and policy briefs

Ayeb-Karlsson, S. and Barnett, A. (2022). Submissions to the Children and Families Act 2014. Committee Lords Select Committee. London, House of Lords.

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Scientific blog articles

Ayeb-Karlsson, S. (2021). Mental health distress in the wake of Bangladesh cyclone shows the devastation of climate-related loss and damage. Published online on The Conversation (18.11.2021).

Ayeb-Karlsson, S. (2020). Tackling COVID-19 and Climate Change in Unison Will Help Us Better Protect People on the Move. Published online on OurWorld (18.12.2020).

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Policy, Intersectionality, Migration, Mental Health, Gender Based Violence, Climate Change
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