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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Erdmute Alber

Full Professor, University of Bayreuth, Germany



Erdmute Alber is a social anthropologist with a focus on the intersection of politics, kinship and childhood. Her research focused on inter-generational relations, child fostering and parenting in West Africa. A special attention is given to Northern Benin. She has lead the research group “kinship and politics” at the ZIF, Bielefeld and is currently working at the University of Bayreuth.



  • 2018 Transfers of Belonging. A Social History of Child Fostering in West Africa. Brill: Leiden, Boston
  • 2022 Kinship and politics. A reader. New Yorck: Routledge (with Tatjana Thelen)
  • 2018 Age-Inscriptions and Social Change. Anthropology & Aging 39/1. University of Pittsburgh Press. (with Cati Coe)
  • 2017 Reconnecting State and Kinship. University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia (with Tatjana Thelen)
  • 2015 Anthropological Perspectives on Care. Work, Kinship and the Life Course. Palgrave MacMillan: New York. (with Heike Drotbohm)
  • 2013 The Anthropology of Sibling Relations – Shared Parentage, Experience and Exchange. Palgrave MacMillan: New York (with Cati Coe and Tatjana Thelen)
  • 2013 Child fostering in West Africa – new perspectives on theories and practices. Brill: Leiden, Boston (with Jeannett Martin and Catrien Notermans)


Child fostering, kinship, politics, inter-generational relations, youth, schooling
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