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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Rajnaara Chowdhury Akhtar

Rajnaara Chowdhury

Assistant Professor University of Warwick, School of Law, United Kingdom



Rajnaara is a socio-legal researcher with a focus on family law. In particular, her research centres on marriage formalities and legal treatment of non-legally binding religious-only marriages. She has conducted extensive empirical fieldwork in this area in the UK, Qatar and Australia. Her work draws on a range of socio-legal theories and approaches. Other areas of work include the rights of the child and international child law and gender and human rights law.



Rajnaara C Akhtar, and Conrad Nyamutata, 'International child law' (Routledge 2020)

Rajnaara C. Akhtar, Rebecca Probert and Patrick Nash (eds), Cohabitation and religious marriage : status, similarities and solutions (Bristol University Press 2020)

R. Akhtar, 'Contemporary issues in marriage law and practice in Qatar' (2020) HAWWA : Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World

Rajnaara C. Akhtar, 'Plural approaches to faith-based dispute resolution by Britain's Muslim communities' (2019) Child and Family Law Quarterly vol 31(3)


Family law, weddings law, child law, gender and law
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