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Shiyu Tang

 Shiyu Tang


Project description

Corporations' sustainability strategy should be incorporated into executive remuneration and incentive packages. Linking executive compensation with a company's sustainability strategy may result in a better future for corporation. My research tries to examine the extent of listed companies have linked executive compensation with ESG target and further investigate the variety of sustainability indicators they have used to form ESG target in China. Furthermore, my research also intend to investigates to what extent the ESG target could help Chinese listed corporation to be sustainable in dimension of TBL.



1st Supervisor: Dr Min Yan
2nd Supervisor: Professor Nelarine Cornelius


My name is Shiyu Tang, I am a currently a first year PhD candidate in Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London. My research interests are in corporate social responsibility, executive compensation, corporate governance, and ESG investing.

I also hold an MRes in International Business from the Queen Mary University, Msc in business and management from Loughborough University, and a BSc Finance and Management in University of Lincoln.

My main supervisors are Dr Min Yan, Prof Nelarine Cornelius, and Dr Didem Gundogdu.


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