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Renu Gupta

 Renu Gupta


Project description

My research will investigate the reasons behind career-breaks taken by women professionals across different professions in a transnational context. In particular, I intend to investigate how the agency and structure dualism influences women’s career break decisions. Using qualitative research methodology, my research aims to undertake a comparative study of professional women who have taken breaks in their career and those who have managed a continuous career, and isolate the factors that lead to differences in their career trajectories. I will further explore the interconnectivity between the existing gendered patterns of individual behavior and structural conditions in public and private/domestic spheres, and their reinforcing impact on women’s career related decisions.

My research aspires to contribute to the growing literature of career in general and women career in particular, with specific focus on the question of perception of identity and gender in work and family spaces.  The research hopes to bridge gender inequality in the field of employment by proposing evidence based enabling strategies and initiatives at family and institutional levels which may support women in making informed decisions about their career.


1st Supervisor: Dr Suki Sian
2nd Supervisor: Professor Gill Kirton


I was born in India, and spent my childhood in India and Bhutan. My educational training is in the field of humanities and law, and I hold Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Economics), Master of Arts (Sociology) and Bachelor of Legislative Law degrees from India. I am also a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

Pursuing a career in Law, I gained a broad cultural understanding while working with multinational companies like Oracle, SAP and Orbit Communications in Dubai (UAE) and Bahrain. A family move to London gave me an opportunity to get back into academics, which I perceive as my true calling, and complete a degree in English literature at Queen Mary in 2020. The learning curve and skills gained during this time inspired me to synergize my diverse educational and professional experience in continuation of my journey into academia, and undertake research at SBM.

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