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Muhammad Taif Khan

 Muhammad Taif Khan


Project title

Evaluation of the Impact of Chinese FDI on Economic Growth of Pakistan


Project description

The proposed study aims to examine the impact of Chinese FDI in the economic growth of Pakistan. China is very much interested to invest in south Asian counties specially in Pakistan because of region’s geographical proximity, close trade links with China market, low labor wages, best trade policies, low taxes and the availability of raw materials and other natural resources. This research is to investigate and study a variety of dimensions of the relationships between Chinese FDI and the economy of Pakistan. It will use suitable methods to gather data and to statistically analyze such data in order to derive appropriate findings which can be used by policy makers, economists, financial advisors and other key people, to make better decisions and recommend policies for economic benefits of China and Pakistan



I have more than 6 years of experience in different department of State Bank of Pakistan.  State Bank of Pakistan is the Central Bank of Pakistan which regulates the monetary and credit system of Pakistan. Previously, I completed my MBA from University of Peshawar (UoP), University of Peshawar is one of the oldest and prestigious university in Pakistan.



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