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School of Business and Management

Jurate Cingiene

 Jurate Cingiene


Project title

An event-based approach to understanding the dynamics of work-nonwork conflict among professional services employees.

Project description

My research seeks to gain insights into problematic distinctions between work and nonwork experienced in everyday lives among knowledge workers, as well as understand how people make sense of their everyday work/nonwork distinctions/no/blurred distinctions. In my research I use qualitative daily diaries and interviews to explore consultants’, working in global management/HR consulting firms, lived experiences of the distinction/no distinction/unclear distinction between their work or nonwork, as they navigate work-nonwork boundaries.


1st Supervisor: Professor Rob Briner
2nd Supervisor: Dr Elena Doldor


After my undergraduate studies in psychology I wanted to obtain a better understanding of psychology in the workplace and started a master’s degree in Organisational Psychology. After graduating, I applied for a research position at ISR (now Willis Towers Watson). Almost ten years in the consultancy has given me commercial awareness and valuable research experience. Doing a PhD is a great opportunity for me to explore beyond employee opinion survey topics as well as improve my theoretical knowledge and research skillset. I initially applied for the PhD programme in Birkbeck, University of London. Soon after that, I transferred to University of Bath and then QMUL in order to follow my supervisor professor Rob Briner. At the QMUL, I explore an area that fascinates me a lot- work-nonwork relationship- under the joined supervision of Professor Rob Briner and Dr Elena Doldor who have helped me develop a more specific research focus.

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