School of Business and Management

Jurate Cingiene

 Jurate Cingiene


1st Supervisor: Professor Rob Briner
2nd Supervisor: Dr Elena Doldor

Project Title: 

"An event-based approach to understanding the dynamics of work-nonwork conflict among professional services employees"

Project Description: 

My research focuses on the relationship between work and personal life which has become complex due to technological advancements and flexible working. Despite extensive study and debate, the relationship between work and personal life is still not well understood. One of the most researched areas is work-nonwork conflict. However, this research has produced little new insights about the dynamic nature of the phenomenon.

My research will use an event-based approach to explore everyday dynamics of work-nonwork conflict. Boundary theory will be used as a basis for the research. Understanding the way people integrate or segment their work and personal life on a daily basis can help advance the knowledge about work-nonwork conflict. Even though some scholars suggest integration/ segmentation enactment can vary over time, it has not been studied that way nor linked with work-nonwork conflict events.  

This research will investigate subjective experiences of work-nonwork conflict events as well as work and nonwork integration/segmentation enactment using interviews, qualitative and quantitative diaries in order to examine how the events spread out over a number of days and the relationship with boundary enactment. My specific area of focus will be on professional services employees based in the UK.

The research hopes to build on the existing event-based approach on work-nonwork conflict by providing a better understanding of how and why daily work-nonwork conflict events occur. In addition, this research hopes to explain how and why boundary enactment varies over a number of days within-person, the effects on work-nonwork conflict event experiences and vice versa.