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Benish Khan

 Benish Khan


Project title

Muted voices: hermeneutic phenomenology study of lived experiences of Pakistani working mothers.

Project description

The study is about muted voices and what it means to mothers who are working professionally at senior-level positions in main metropolitan cities of Pakistan. The study intends to understand the essence of ‘voice and silence’ through their lived experiences and how they are muted (or resisted) against mistreatment. In other words, it will investigate how professional working mothers negotiate their way in different contexts in work organizations, while paying close attention to the social and cultural norms that can also shape these experiences.


1st Supervisor: Dr. Nelarine Cornelius
2nd Supervisor: Dr Patrizia Kokot-Blamey


Benish joined the PhD in Business and Management at Queen Mary, University London in 2019. Her research interests focus on topics related to gender in management, culture, employee's voice and silence, organizational behavior. She is particularly interested in exploring these areas in different contexts paying close attention to macro and organizational level factors. Her research is on professional working mothers’ silence and voice, entitled “Muted voices: A hermeneutic phenomenology study of the lived experiences of Pakistani working mothers”.

Benish has two postgraduate degrees: MBA and MPhil in Business Administration.  Prior to starting the PhD, she worked as a lecturer (Business Management subjects) in University of London international programmes (External system). She also has an experience of working as a senior marketing executive in a logistics firm.

Outside of research, Benish enjoys to hike, travel, swim and read. She is also a passionate volunteer towards programmes and projects with a focus on girl’s education.

Centre and Group Membership


  • I have presented my paper: “What Will They Think When I Come to Work with My Huge Pregnant Body?” Investigation of Professional Image of Pregnant Working Women in Pakistan” from my Mphil thesis in BAM (British academy of management) 2018 conference. Published in conference proceedings.
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