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School of Business and Management

Dr Zezeng Li


Lecturer in Accounting





Dr Zezeng Li is a Lecturer in Accounting and joined the School of Business and Management in 2021. Zezeng earned a PhD in Accounting from University of Exeter, an MSc in Accounting Accountability and Financial Management in King’s College London, and a Bacholar’s degree in International Accounting at China. During his PhD studies, he worked as a teaching assistant for various modules in Accounting and Finance. Zezeng’s current research activity involves investigation of pension de-risking strategies and their impact on the companies and pension fund.

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Research Interests:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Pension Accounting
  • Corporate governance of pension fund

Zezeng’s current research broadly looks into pension accounting, corporate finance perspective of pension fund, corporate governance. In particular, his research interest focus on what is the effect of pension de-riskings strategies on firm risk and pension risk. He has investigated the relationship between corporate governance of sponsoring firm and pension de-risking strategies. In addition to the research on firm with defined benefit pension fund, he has joint project on environmental, social and governance on pension investments, firm- level political risk, credit rating and earning pattern.



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  • Li, Z. and Al‐Najjar, B. (2021), Impact of Board Composition on Pension De‐risking Strategies. British Journal Management.
  • Kilincarslan, E., Elmagrhi, M.H. and Li, Z. (2020), Impact of governance structures on environmental disclosures in the Middle East and Africa, Corporate Governance, Vol. 20 No. 4, pp. 739-763.


Areas of Supervision Expertise: 

Dr Li welcomes PhD applicants who are interested in pension accounting, textual analysis in accounting and corporate governance of pension fund.