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School of Business and Management

Dr Darryn Mitussis


Senior Lecturer in Marketing; Programme Director for BSc Marketing and Management

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6545
Room Number: Room 4.34, Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus
Office Hours: Thursday 3.00pm - 5.00pm





  • BUS011: Marketing
  • BUS136: Marketing Principles


Darryn's interests include:

  • The role of institutions in shaping consumption and the role of the marketer
  • The way that institutions that shape consumption influence the nature of capitalisms more generally
  • The nature of entrepreneurship as social practice and the way that different informal institutional arrangements constrain international entrepreneurship
  • The efficacy of teaching methods and technologies.


Scholarly Contributions

Pedagogic Publications:

Peer reviewed journal articles

  • Mitussis, Darryn (2010) “SME Innovation in Zhejiang, China: Potential Constraints to Development of Widespread Innovation,” Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China, 2(1), 89-105
  • Chatzidakis, Andreas & Darryn Mitussis (2007) “Computer Ethics and Consumer Ethics: The Impact of The Internet on Consumer’ Ethical Decision-Making Process”, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 6(5), 305-320
  • Moufahim, Mona, Michael Humphreys, Darryn Mitussis & James Fitchett (2007) “Interpreting Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Marketing of an Extreme Right Party,” Journal of Marketing Management, 23:5/6, 537-558
  • Mitussis, Darryn, Lisa O’Malley and Maurice Patterson (2006) “Mapping the Reengagement of CRM with Relationship Marketing,” European Journal of Marketing, 40(5/6), 572-589
  • Chatzidakis, Andreas, Sally Hibbert, Darryn Mitussis and Andrew Smith (2004) “Virtue in Consumption?” Journal of Marketing Management, 20(5/6), pp527-544
  • O’Malley, Lisa and Darryn Mitussis (2002) “Relationships and Technology: Strategic Implications,” Journal of Strategic Marketing, 10(3), pp225-238
  • Mitussis, Darryn and Richard Elliott (1998) “Representations, Text and Practice: A Dynamic Model of the Consumer,” Advances in Consumer Research, XXVI, pp312-319


Book chapters

  • Moufahim, Mona, Michael Humphreys, Darryn Mitussis and James Fitchett (2011) “Interpreting Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Marketing of an Extreme Right Party,” in Paul Baines (ed.), Political Marketing, Sage Publications Ltd: pp537-557.
  • Moufahim, Mona, Michael Humphreys and Darryn Mitussis (2009) “Marketing the Unmarketable: The Vlaams Belang, a “Party Unlike Any Other”,” in Graeme Currie, Jackie Ford, Nancy Harding and Mark Learmonth (eds.), Making Public Services Management Critical, Routledge: Abingdon, UK