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School of Business and Management

Claudine Grisard


Lecturer in Accounting





I am a Lecturer in Accounting at Queen Mary University of London, School of Business and Management. Before joining Queen Mary, I worked in the same position at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow (Scotland) and as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Schulich School of business in Toronto (Canada). I hold a Ph.D in accounting and a Master degree in sustainable development from Paris-Dauphine (France) and I was initially trained in Political sciences.   

My research broadly considers the links between accounting and politics. I view accounting tools as instruments of power. My work seeks to understand how actors discipline themselves through dominant (and financial) discourses, as well as act as political subjects. I am especially interested in the way they mobilize accounting in their attempts.  

I study the interactions between politics and accounting, using two different understandings of politics. I consider the way actors manoeuvre to push their agendas, as well as the conduct of public affairs. I therefore study the ways actors develop political arguments and controversies, through the mobilisation of accounting metrics to influence decisions. I also examine conflicts between various political ideologies and how accounting enable to enact these different political visions. Empirically speaking, my work covers a variety of contexts, and objects. Thus, I have studied the links between politics and accounting in relation to CSR, to poverty, to states programmes, etc. My methodology is of qualitative nature, inspired by sociological, anthropological, and historical approaches.  



  • BUS363: Social and Environmental Accounting 
  • BUS365: Contemporary issues in Accounting and Ethics 


Research Interests:

  • Critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on accounting 
  • Accounting and the politics  
  • Accounting and public affairs 

Centre and Group Membership:



  • Grisard, C., Annisette, M. & Graham, C. (2020). Performative Agency and incremental change in CSR contexts, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 82. 
  • Graham, C. & Grisard, C. (2019). Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief: Accounting and the stigma of poverty, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 59:32-51.