School of Business and Management

Dr Mostak Ahamed

Project title
"Essays on bank profitability, stability and efficiency: the impact of financial inclusion and bank competition."

Why did you decide to study for a PhD?

After finishing my Masters in the UK, I worked with various expert researchers in banking and finance at a research centre in London. I quickly discovered my passion for quantitatively intensive research. It was the PhD scholarship that gave me the opportunity to dedicate time to a field that I am really passionate about. Having worked with experienced researchers, I developed good econometric and analytical skills. This, coupled with sincere desire for innovative research ideas, motivated me to apply for this PhD programme.

What is the most challenging part of a PhD?

The most challenging task as a researcher is to identify the original contribution of our research to the field, and then convince a large audience about the wider implications of the output. Publishing your research is one way of doing this. One of my papers is under review and I’m currently working on transforming my thesis chapters into journal articles. Since publishing in top journal requires time and good guidance from expert academics, as a budding researcher I am fortunate to have such experts all-around in our school.

What do you plan to do after completing your PhD?

PhD degree is just the beginning of a greater journey. I will always be an active researcher, and I will try hard to keep generating novel ideas to contribute in the field I am passionate about. After completing my PhD, I want to stay in academia, and if possible, I would also like to consult on research and financial inclusion.

*Dr Mostak Ahamad successfully completed his PhD in 2016. He is now a Teaching Fellow in Finance (Business and Management) at the University of Sussex. His research paper, "Does inclusive financial development matter for firms’ tax evasion? Evidence from developing countries", has been accepted for publication by Economics Letters.

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