School of Business and Management

Dr Maryam Aldossari

Project title:
"Repatriation and the Psychological Contract: A Saudi Arabian Comparative Study"

Why did you choose QMUL?

The excellent reputation of the School of Business and Management for research was an important factor for me in choosing to come to QMUL. Knowing that when I am researching my topic I would have the privilege to work with and be supervised by some outstanding academics who are highly respected in their fields seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

What is the best part of the PhD programme?

One of the best things is that as PhD students at QMUL we are encompassed in such a friendly, supportive and cozy atmosphere that actually feel like you are being with family members. The School treats PhD students as equally as other teaching staff, and we are actively involved in all the departmental events, which gives us a strong sense of belonging.

What is the most interesting thing that you have done/learnt/experienced in your degree course (so far)?

Everything!  So far my experience as a PhD here has been both fruitful and enjoyable. The variety of courses, workshops, and seminars offered by the School helped me significantly in structuring my research.

What advice would you give to students who are considering applying for a PhD?

I would definitely recommend the School of Business and Management at QMUL to friends and people interested in taking part in a lifetime experience. Its research courses offer a wide range of choices and a world-class syllabus. QMUL's friendly and supportive environment is an excellent place for study, socialising and networking. Moreover, the School has an excellent reputation for high quality research. For me QMUL has been an extremely good choice: in fact, without its homely environment and its supportive and efficient supervisors my achievements would have been impossible.

Dr Maryam Aldossari completed her PhD studies in 2015 and is now a Lecturer in International Human Resource Management at the University of Edinburgh. Her research, including a number of papers co-authored with academics from the School of Business and Management, has been published in the International Journal of Human Resource Management and in the Handbook on Human Resource Management in Asia (Routledge).

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