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School of Business and Management

School Research Seminar Series: Making the Periphery in Management and Organizational Knowledge: Insights from an Actor-Network Theory of Postcolonialism into the Rise of (U.S.) "Global Management"

30 May 2012

Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm
Venue: FB4.04/08 Francis Bancroft Building, 4th Floor, Mile End Campus


Speaker: Rafael Alcadipani, Visiting Researcher, Gothenburg  Research Institute, University of Gothenburg

Management and Organizational Knowledge (MOK) is today a global phenomenon and business schools are central locations where such knowledge is produced and taught. In particular, the U.S. has been a broadcast center from where MOK has traveled to other regions of the world prompting academics to refer to this process as Americanization. The literature on the travel of management ideas has mainly analyzed highly industrialized countries, leaving the 'periphery' underexplored. Focusing on the transference of U.S. MOK to Brazil in the 1950s, this paper draws on an ANT reading of postcolonialism to analyze the consequences of U.S. MOK travel from North America to other parts of the globe. I will explore how a particular practice helped U.S. MOK to travel and, at the same time,  enacted asymmetries and hierarchies between Brazil and the U.S. By doing that, I will discuss that centers and peripheries are created and sustained as outcomes of situated practices. I will also argue that organizing is a political process that generates asymmetries, hierarchies and  discrepancies, but it also leaves open the possibility of making things different.  

This seminar is being hosted by the Centre for Research in Management and Organizational History (CMOH)

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