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School of Business and Management

Global Governance Transformed: Explaining the Nexus between the EU and International Organizations

25 September 2015

Time: 9:30am - 5:45pm
Venue: Blomeley Room 2, Student Union Mile End Campus

Abstract: The literature on the relationship between the European Union (EU) and different international organizations (IOs) is gathering pace (Jørgensen 2010; Orsini 2014). Depending on the policy area concerned and the degree of integration achieved, the EU is often in a position to exert powerful influence on the decision-making processes of other IOs, and substantially influence policy outcomes too. This is often interlinked with its ability to operate as a normative power (Manners 2002), as an interests-focused regional organization (Hyde-Price 2006), or by diffusing its policy preferences to other parts of the globe (Börzel and Risse 2012). At the same time, the role of some member states is particularly significant in terms of the Union’s future direction. In line with a turn towards intergovernmentalist decision-making that has become strongly apparent after the onslaught of the economic crisis, large member states tend to be disproportionately influential in important policy areas.

This one-day workshop, partly funded by the British Academy under the Newton Mobility Grants Scheme 2015-16, focuses on the interaction between the EU and IOs. IOs can range from the WTO and the UN to NATO and the WHO. While different disciplinary backgrounds are welcome, we wish to particularly encourage contributions that relate to the workshop’s theme from a public policy and political economy perspective. We are especially interested in papers examining the relationship through the prism of one or more of the following: agenda-setting processes, policy formulation, policy implementation and voting behaviour. PhD students and post-doc researchers are particularly encouraged to apply. Following the workshop, an application will be launched to a suitable journal for a Special ıssue publication.

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Registration fee - £40.00 
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