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School of Business and Management

Climate Challenges, Innovation and Policy Responses

When: Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 2:30 PM -
Where: Bancroft Building, David Sizer Lecture Theatre, Queen Mary, Mile End

The workshop is organised by the Computational and Quantitative Methods Research Cluster in Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management

1st session @ 2:30pm

Chair: Charlotte Meng (QMUL)

Antoine Mandel (Paris School of Economics, University Paris 1 PantheĢon-Sorbonne): “Assessing climate impacts for the bottom-up.“

Matthew Naylor (Bank of England and Oxford): "Could the transition to net zero de-anchor inflation expectations? Carbon price shocks in a rationally inattentive world"

Lilit Popoyan (QMUL): "Prevention first vs. cap-and-trade policies in an agent-based integrated assessment model with GHG emissions permits"


2nd session @ 4:15

Chair: Zeynep Gürgüç (QMUL)

Ralf Martin (Imperial): “Clean Industrial Policy”

Yannis Dafermos (SOAS): “Environmental regulation, macrofinancial feedback loops and climate policy mixes”

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