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School of Business and Management

2016 Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference

13 June 2016 - 14 June 2016

Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: School of Business and Management, Bancroft Building, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End, London, E1 4NS

2016 Behavioural Finance Working Group

Registration Fee: £300

Early bird registration fee (until 15th May): £200

Online Registration

Keynote Speaker: Professor Hersh Shefrin (Santa Clara University, USA).

Organisers: Professor Gulnur Muradoglu (QMUL), Dr. Kim Kaivanto (Lancaster University).

Special Issue: Accepted papers will be considered for a special issue of The European Journal of Finance which will publish a selection of research presented at the conference.


In this two-day meeting, we will consider how the fields of behavioural finance,  economic psychology, financial socio-analysis and other related areas can enhance our understanding of financial regulation. Papers exploring any Behavioural Finance issue will be considered but those related to the developing area of financial regulation and the politics of finance, more broadly will be particularly welcomed.

As usual, we will consider papers in all areas of common concern to those working in behavioural finance and related areas. These include processes underlying the financial judgments and decisions involved in investing, trading, forecasting, risk assessment, asset valuations, acquisitions, IPOs, asset pricing bubbles, financial crises, and other financial behaviours. 

As well as such associated cognitive phenomena as overconfidence, framing, loss aversion, herding, optimism, biased information search, and the money illusion, we are equally interested in drawing on emotional and psychodynamic perspectives, group psychology, personality theory, and narratology in the context of financial activity. We seek contributions relating to these issues at the level of markets and institutions of various types, households, corporations, boards and other financially active groups, individual and institutional investors and traders.

We will have dedicated PhD sessions supported by ICAEW’s Charitable Trusts and a Practitioner’s Round Table.

Programme: 2016 BFWG Conference Programme [PDF 502KB]2016 BFWG Conference Programme [PDF 502KB]

Best Paper Awards: Two best paper awards will be given for the papers presented at the conference. The European Journal of Finance will give a Best Quantitative Paper Award and the Qualitative Research in Financial Markets will give a Best Qualitative Paper award. We invite you to submit extended abstracts, papers-in-progress or full papers by the deadline of April 1st 2016.

The organizers will come back with a decision within three weeks after this deadline. 

To submit a paper or extended abstract for consideration please email a PDF version of the manuscript to:

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