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NIHR Global Health Research Group

Anayat Baig

Anayat Baig is a graduate of the Nursing school at Aga Khan University, Karachi. He is a public health researcher with three years of experience in sexual and reproductive health, infectious diseases and mental health. Previously, he has worked on an intervention study about the world’s largest drug resistant typhoid outbreak that occurred in Pakistan in late 2017, where a typhoid and measles vaccine was successfully piloted in children of age 9 months till 60 months. He is also a columnist, blogger and a web-TV anchor, where he writes/speaks mainly on the socio-economic perspectives of health, particularly in context of social class, climate and gender. His research interests revolve around the interactions between social class, gender and health.

He is currently working as a Research Associate at IRD on the NIHR Global Health Group on Developing Psycho-Social Interventions Project.


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