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Student Services

Student Services listened

Better mental health support

We have made good progress in developing a more diverse team and have increased the number of counsellors to our Advice and Counselling Service.

Improved Disability and Dyslexia screening

We have improved student access to our dyslexia screening questionnaire to streamline our processes.

Shorter waiting times

We have recruited more mental health and disability advisers, meaning shorter waiting times and more appointments are available.

More examples of how Student Services listened

More immigration advice for international students

The Advice and Counselling Service now offers a weekly drop-in service for immigration queries.

Improved support for PhD students

The Advice and Counselling Service established a dedicated support group for PhD students to discuss personal and academic issues.

Online scholarship applications

You can now make applications for scholarships and awards online rather than by paper form.

Easier access to important documents

You can now access official letters, award details and term dates online rather than visiting the Student Enquiry Centre in person.

Better showcasing of our diverse community

We held the first Queen Mary International Festival in November to celebrate the diversity of our students and staff.

More privacy for users of the Disability and Dyslexia service

We have moved the Disability and Dyslexia Service to a quieter area of Bancroft Building with a confidential, private waiting room for students.

More early enrolment slots for new students

We increased the number of early enrolment slots so that new students could get faster access to student finance, the libraries and official letters.

More disability and dyslexia appointments

We now offer more appointments than ever before, including same-day appointments at our weekly drop-in sessions.

Improved Academic Adviser training

We are reviewing the training and resources given to Academic Advisers so they can better support you.

Expanded your HEAR

We are increasing the number of extracurricular activities that can be recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record).

Improving module feedback

We are investigating new ways to collect your module feedback.

Tier 4 application workshops

The Advice and Counselling Service now offers Tier 4 application workshops for pre-sessional students.

Easier police registration for international students

We now collate Police registration information for international students to make it easier for you to register in the UK.

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