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Libraries listened

Longer hours over vacation periods

We have extended the Mile End Library opening hours over the Summer and Winter vacations.

Increased book borrowing limits

We have increased the number of books that undergraduate students can borrow from 12 to 40 at a time.

More study desks with USB charging points

We have increased the number of study desks with USB and power charging points at the Mile End Library by over 280.

Storing your laptops

The Library has installed a Laptop Safety Cabinet for storing and charging your laptops when not in use.

More examples of how Libraries listened

Better infrastructure

We have improved the electrical, heating and water supplies to the Mile End Library.

More silent study desks

We have increased the total number of silent study desks at the Mile End Library by over 50.

100,000 new electronic book titles

We have provided access to over 100,000 new electronic book titles.

Subscriptions to online resources

We have subscribed to major online resources, like the Telegraph Historical and Nature Archives, JSTOR collections and SAGE Research Methods.

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