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24/7 opening at Mile End Library

The Mile End Library is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during term-time. 

More collaborative learning space and bookable areas

We have refurbished Hive East at the Mile End campus to provide more space for group study and work, as well as more bookable spaces for student activities.

More examples of how Libraries listened

Additional electronic resources in the libraries

We are purchasing access to additional electronic resources, such as the Times Digital Archive, 1785–2011. 

Better management of study spaces

We now proactively manage the use of study spaces in the libraries so that they cannot be ‘reserved’ by students who are not present. 

Better study space facilities

We upgraded 90 study spaces with modern power sockets, including USB sockets for mobile devices. 

Better management of Graduate Centre study spaces

We now proactively manage the spaces on the 7th floor of the Graduate Centre to ensure the space is available to postgraduates 24/7.

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