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The Graduation team listened

Longer registration period

We kept graduation registrations open for longer so more students had the chance to apply in time.

More affordable ticket options

We decreased the price of 'Live Relay' tickets from £15 to £5 so more of your guests can attend.

Improved seat allocation system

We changed the way we allocate seats to make it more likely you will be sitting with course mates.

See more ways we listened

More examples of how the Graduation team listened

Increased transparency in graduation spending

We created an infographic to explain how we fund our ceremonies and where the money is spent.

Degree certificates available at ceremonies

You can now pick up your degree certificate during your undergraduate graduation ceremonies.

Increased financial accessibility

Students can now apply to have the cost of their gown covered by the university and Students’ Union through the Cap and Gown fund.

Reduced enquiry response time

Our new Gradbot 'Bob' is available to answer your Graduation queries 24/7 on the Graduation website.

Improved communication with students

We now send all Graduation communications to both your university and personal email addresses as per your student record.

More inclusive catering options

We are working with Queen Mary’s catering team to launch a Graduation Food Festival serving a wider variety of food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Greater support during ceremony

We now have a second Stage Marshall in each ceremony to help fit your gown and prepare you before you go on stage.

More souvenir options

We are working with our merchandise supplier Campus Clothing to improve their souvenir offering based on student reviews.

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