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Tell us

Your feedback helps us to make positive change at Queen Mary. There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to tell us about what’s going well and what could be improved. We encourage you to take these opportunities to have your say and make a difference for yourself and for future students. Find out more.

We listen

We listen to your feedback and it’s taken very seriously. The results and comments from surveys and module evaluations are analysed and used to develop plans to make the student experience at Queen Mary the best it can be. Read our 'We listen' statements below for examples of the positive action we've taken in response to what you've told us.

Libraries listened

Longer hours over vacation periods

We have extended the Mile End Library opening hours over the Summer and Winter vacations.

Increased book borrowing limits

We have increased the number of books that undergraduate students can borrow from 12 to 40 at a time.

More study desks with USB charging points

We have increased the number of study desks with USB and power charging points at the Mile End Library by over 280.

Storing your laptops

The Library has installed a Laptop Safety Cabinet for storing and charging your laptops when not in use.

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Careers and Enterprise listened

Events with alumni speakers 

We are organising events with Queen Mary alumni as invited speakers and panelists to discuss their jobs, career paths and sectors of choice.

In-school careers appointments

We are providing 2 hours of weekly in-school careers appointments and a drop-in office hour to increase visibility and support in identified Schools.

More CV feedback sessions

We have added more CV and Application feedback sessions and reduced waiting times.

More subject-related opportunities 

We have created a Scientfic Research Opportunities section on our Careers and Enterprise website, featuring a variety of science-related opportunities.

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Estates and Facilities listened

Improved lighting across campus

We have made significant improvements in replacing and repairing all external lighting across campus.

CCTV monitoring

Due to our increased lighting, we conduct more effective CCTV patrols and monitoring across campus.

Added security on Physics Avenue

We have installed a new barrier on Physics Avenue to prevent unauthorised vehicle access.

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The Students' Union listened

Free printing available for all students

The Students’ Union introduced free-to-use printers in the Hub and BLSA Building to lower the additional costs associated with studying.

More alcohol-free events and opportunities to meet new people

The Students’ Union introduced more alcohol-free events and opportunities to meet people through the ‘Try Something New’ programme.

New microwaves

The Students’ Union introduced new microwaves in the Hub, the Nest and the BLSA Building so you can heat homemade lunches on campus.

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Student Services listened

Better mental health support

We have made good progress in developing a more diverse team and have increased the number of counsellors to our Advice and Counselling Service.

Improved Disability and Dyslexia screening

We have improved student access to our dyslexia screening questionnaire to streamline our processes.

Shorter waiting times

We have recruited more mental health and disability advisers, meaning shorter waiting times and more appointments are available.

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Residences listened

Controlled heating 24/7

We have introduced mechanisms to ensure heating in all residential buildings is controlled 24/7 with no wastage.

Monthly cinema events

We now run monthly events offering subsidised tickets to Genesis cinema.

More rooms

Our Residences team installed an additional 120 rooms in France House over Summer 2019 in time for this academic year.

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IT services listened

Improved timetables on QMUL app

We updated the way your timetable is displayed on the QMUL app, so that it’s easier to find out where you need to be and when.

Better outdoor Wi-Fi coverage

We’ve extended the Wi-Fi coverage to previously unserved areas of the Mile End and Charterhouse Square campuses.

Better app functionality

We have made it easier to find different study spaces by adding location categories for individual, group and social study spaces on the QMUL app maps.

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Catering listened

More vegan-friendly food

We have focused heavily on increasing plant-based dining options.

100% recyclable packaging

Our takeaway hot containers are made from 100% recyclable plastic, with wooden cutlery which is also 100% recyclable.

Discounts on drinks

When using our branded 'keep cups' or any reusable cup. We've also introduced a disposable cup levy.

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The Graduation team listened

Longer registration period

We kept graduation registrations open for longer so more students had the chance to apply in time.

More affordable ticket options

We decreased the price of 'Live Relay' tickets from £15 to £5 so more of your guests can attend.

Improved seat allocation system

We changed the way we allocate seats to make it more likely you will be sitting with course mates.

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