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Tell us

Your feedback helps us to make positive change at Queen Mary. There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to tell us about what’s going well and what could be improved. We encourage you to take these opportunities to have your say and make a difference for yourself and for future students. Find out more.

We listen

We listen to your feedback and it’s taken very seriously. The results and comments from surveys and module evaluations are analysed and used to develop plans to make the student experience at Queen Mary the best it can be. Read our 'We listen' statements below for examples of the positive action we've taken in response to what you've told us. 

Going for Gold initiative

Co-creating Going for Gold

We are co-creating with students the Going for Gold strategy to achieve excellence in education and experience at Queen Mary.

Working with student interns

We’re working with student interns to capture the student voice on issues concerning commuter students, curriculum inclusivity and diversity, BAME student attainment and student retention.

More students in work experience

We are committed to increasing the number of students placed in work experience activities.

Libraries listened

Reduced library fines

We reduced library fines to help with your everyday costs.

New laptop loans service

We now have self-service kiosks in Mile End and Whitechapel Libraries for you to borrow laptops for up to eight hours.

Longer opening hours at Mile End Library

The Mile End Library is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during term-time. We have also opened Mile End Library at weekends during the summer vacation to help postgraduate students study for their dissertations.

Increased print credit allowance for all students

Every student now has £10 free print credit for every year of study. 

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Careers and Enterprise listened

More ways to improve your interview skills

We introduced an online interactive interview simulator ‘InterviewStream’ where you can create your own practice interview, selecting from over 7,000 questions.

More funding available for student entrepreneurs

We raised the level of funding available to student and graduate enterprises – ‘Try It’ (£500), ‘Grow It’ (£5,000) and ‘Build It’ (£10,000).

More entrepreneurship training

We introduced QIncubator, a new programme designed to train student entrepreneurs, and this year will launch QAccelerator, an intensive programme to support later-stage enterprises.

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Estates and Facilities listened

More study spaces

We have refurbished existing study spaces to increase capacity and improve facilities.

New lockers available on campus

We installed new lockers on campus for storage throughout the day.

Improved outdoor spaces on campus

We are increasing outdoor furniture in Graduate Square and along the canal at Mile End to make the campus a better place to be.

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The Students' Union listened

Free printing available for all students

The Students’ Union introduced free-to-use printers in the Hub and BLSA Building to lower the additional costs associated with studying.

More alcohol-free events and opportunities to meet new people

The Students’ Union introduced more alcohol-free events and opportunities to meet people through the ‘Try Something New’ programme.

New microwaves

The Students’ Union introduced new microwaves in the Hub, the Nest and the BLSA Building so you can heat homemade lunches on campus.

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Student Services listened

Improved Disability and Dyslexia Service

We recruited a new full-time disability adviser to help reduce waiting times in the Disability and Dyslexia Service.

More mental health support

The Advice and Counselling Service has developed two new group courses on managing anxiety and self-compassion.

More financial support for new students

We set up a new Wellbeing Fund to support first-year undergraduates with the cost of participating in societies, sports and volunteering.

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Residences listened

More opportunities to meet other students

Residences held halls induction sessions during arrivals weekend to provide more opportunities to meet other students at the start of term.

Replacement of furniture and appliances

We have carried out a major renewal and replacement exercise, providing new desk chairs in all residences and replacing hobs, carpets and mattresses where needed.

Double beds

We committed to providing double beds where possible during refurbishments of our halls of residence.

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IT services listened

Improved timetables on QMUL app

We updated the way your timetable is displayed on the QMUL app, so that it’s easier to find out where you need to be and when.

Better outdoor Wi-Fi coverage

We’ve extended the Wi-Fi coverage to previously unserved areas of the Mile End and Charterhouse Square campuses.

Better app functionality

We have made it easier to find different study spaces by adding location categories for individual, group and social study spaces on the QMUL app maps.

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Catering listened

More affordable meal options

We introduced a ‘meal of the day’ deal for £3.95.

More price promotions on food

We now offer price promotions such as ‘double your money’ vouchers.

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The Graduation team listened

Longer registration period

We kept graduation registrations open for longer so more students had the chance to apply in time.

More affordable ticket options

We decreased the price of 'Live Relay' tickets from £15 to £5 so more of your guests can attend.

Improved seat allocation system

We changed the way we allocate seats to make it more likely you will be sitting with course mates.

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