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Tell us

Your feedback helps us to make positive change at Queen Mary. There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to tell us about what’s going well and what could be improved. We encourage you to take these opportunities to have your say and make a difference for yourself and for future students. Find out more.

We listen

We listen to your feedback and it’s taken very seriously. The results and comments from surveys and module evaluations are analysed and used to develop plans to make the student experience at Queen Mary the best it can be. Read our 'We listen' statements below for examples of the positive action we've taken in response to student feedback. 

Libraries listened

24/7 opening at Mile End Library

The Mile End Library is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during term-time. 

More collaborative learning space and bookable areas

We have refurbished Hive East at the Mile End campus to provide more space for group study and work, as well as more bookable spaces for student activities.

Careers listened

More opportunities to gain work experience

We’ve doubled the number of places available on the QConsult programme and extended places on the Careers Taster Scheme.

Wider range of work experience programmes

We’ve introduced and trialled two new programmes: QInsight and QChallenge London, offering exciting work experience opportunities.

Student Services listened

Improved mental health awareness and training

We organised adult mental health first aid training for staff, and suicide awareness sessions for staff and students. 

More disability and dyslexia appointments

We now offer more appointments than ever before, including same-day appointments at our weekly drop-in sessions.

IT services listened

Better outdoor Wi-Fi coverage

We’ve extended the Wi-Fi coverage to previously unserved areas of the Mile End and Charterhouse Square campuses.

Upgrade to Wi-Fi in key buildings

You can now access the Cisco Wi-Fi service in the Engineering, Informatics Teaching Laboratories and Computer Science Buildings.

Residences listened

Replacement of furniture and appliances

We have carried out a major renewal and replacement exercise, providing new desk chairs in all residences and replacing hobs, carpets and mattresses where needed.

More communal activities for residents

We now open The Curve at the Mile End campus one Saturday a month to host a brunch exclusively for residents.

Catering listened

More affordable meal options

We introduced a ‘meal of the day’ deal for £3.95.

More price promotions on food

We now offer price promotions such as ‘double your money’ vouchers.

Estates and Facilities listened

Newly refurbished teaching rooms

We refurbished 14 teaching rooms in the Garrod Building at Whitechapel and 14 in the Francis Bancroft Building at Mile End, including new fixtures and fittings, decorations, and teaching equipment. 

New and updated audio-visual equipment in teaching spaces

This includes new equipment at the Mile End, Whitechapel, Charterhouse Square and West Smithfield campuses.

The Students' Union listened

Free printing available for all students

The Students’ Union introduced free-to-use printers in the Students’ Union Hub and BLSA Building to lower the additional costs associated with studying.

More alcohol-free events and opportunities to meet new people

The Students’ Union introduced a brand new ‘Try Something New’ programme with over 100 events run by the Union, societies and sports clubs. These are one-off opportunities, where you can just turn up and play with no commitment.

The Graduation team listened

More affordable ticket options

We decreased the price of 'Live Relay' tickets from £15 to £5 so more of your guests can attend.

Improved seat allocation system

We changed the way we allocate seats to make it more likely you will be sitting with course mates.


As well as the highlights above, QMUL has made other changes in response to your feedback:


Better study space facilities

We upgraded 90 study spaces with modern power sockets, including USB sockets for mobile devices.

Additional electronic resources in the libraries

We are purchasing access to additional electronic resources, such as the Times Digital Archive, 1785–2011.

Better management of study spaces

We now proactively manage the use of study spaces in the libraries so that they cannot be ‘reserved’ by students who are not present.

Better management of Graduate Centre study spaces

We now proactively manage the spaces on the 7th floor of the Graduate Centre to ensure the space is available to postgraduates 24/7.


Increased number of Careers and Enterprise appointments

We now offer more appointments to provide more availability and flexibility of time slots.

More varied timings and formats of careers events

We introduced breakfast meets, lunchtime seminars and evening workshops to suit different timetables and availability.

Quicker sign-in at careers events

You can now sign into careers events by swiping your student ID.

Student Services

Increased staff resource in the Disability and Dyslexia Service

We introduced two new permanent, full-time, student-facing posts this academic year.

Greater access to health and wellbeing information

We held Wellbeing Hubs in cooperation with local charities and the NHS for you to access information on GP registration, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, and free vaccinations on the day.

Increased support for those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

We now run workshops in partnership with the National Autistic Society for students with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder to meet, establish friendships and feel part of the Queen Mary community.


Improved laundry facilities

We improved the appearance of laundry rooms around campus and installed more seating and plants. 

Improved residential environment

We installed additional lighting in the trees in the Student Village at the Mile End campus to improve the area’s appearance.


High standards for our catering suppliers

We use industry-leading suppliers following sustainability guidelines such as Red Tractor and Farm Assured Classification, as well as Soil Association, Marine Conservation Society, Vegetarian and Vegan Association, Fair Trade and ethical farming initiatives and recommendations.

Increased transparency in catering sustainability

We held a ‘meet the suppliers’ fair to give you the opportunity to ask our suppliers about where their products come from.

Students' Union

Fair wages for all university and Students’ Union staff

This year the Students’ Union joined the university in paying all of its student staff the full London Living Wage, as defined by the Living Wage Foundation. 

More accessible careers opportunities

The Students’ Union introduced a new ‘Opportunities’ website detailing employability events, careers talks and internship roles available. 

Reduced cost of food and drink on campus

The Students’ Union introduced a new value food range in Union outlets. 

New Trans Representative for students

Queen Mary has a larger trans community than any other Russell Group University. To better support our trans students, the Students’ Union created a new Trans Representative position on Student Council. 

Funds available to support the cost of graduation

We introduced a graduation fund to help students struggling with the cost of graduation to access money for gown hire.


Increased transparency in graduation spending

We created an infographic to explain how we fund our ceremonies and where the money is spent.

Increased financial accessibility

Students can now apply to have the cost of their gown covered by the university and Students’ Union through the Cap and Gown fund.

Reduced enquiry response time

Our new Gradbot 'Bob' is available to answer your Graduation queries 24/7 on the Graduation website.

Improved communication with students

We now send all Graduation communications to both your university and personal email addresses as per your student record.

More inclusive catering options

We are working with Queen Mary’s catering team to launch a Graduation Food Festival serving a wider variety of food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Greater support during ceremony

We now have a second Stage Marshall in each ceremony to help fit your gown and prepare you before you go on stage.

More souvenir options

We are working with our merchandise supplier Campus Clothing to improve their souvenir offering based on student reviews.