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Students' Union

The Students' Union listened

Refurbished the Nest

The Students’ Union and the University refurbished the Nest to include more flexible social learning space.

More alcohol-free events and opportunities to meet new people

The Students’ Union introduced a brand new ‘Try Something New’ programme with over 100 events run by the Union, societies and sports clubs. These are one-off opportunities, where you can just turn up and play with no commitment.

More examples of how the Students' Union listened

Fair wages for all University and Students’ Union staff

The Students’ Union joined the University in paying all its student staff the full London Living Wage.

More space for Friday Prayer

The Students’ Union created more space for Friday Prayer through the refurbishment of the Nest.

Microwaves for student use

The Students’ Union introduced new microwaves in the Hub, the Nest and the BLSA Building so you can heat homemade lunches on campus.

New Trans Representative for students

The Students’ Union created a new Trans Representative position on Student Council to better support our trans students.

Funds available to support the cost of graduation

The Students’ Union introduced a Graduation Fund to help you access money for gown hire.

Hosted a clothes swap to reduce waste

The Students’ Union hosted a vintage clothes swap event for you to donate and swap old clothes and reduce waste.

Helped students build their skills through the Skills Award

The Students’ Union provided 23 skill-building sessions through the Skills Award, covering topics on first aid, project management, teamwork, leadership and more.

Introduced free sports activities to help manage stress

The Students’ Union ran six weeks of free sporting activities as part of ‘Study Well’ to support you and minimise stress during exam season.

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