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IT services listened

Improved timetable function on the QMUL app

We have refreshed the timetable tile on the QMUL app so that it displays better on mobile devices. You have the choice of a week or month view of your timetable to best fit your screen size. You can move forward or back a month or week at a time or select a date to jump to. Clicking on an activity will pull up the campus map to show you where the room is. There is also an iCal feed link that you can use to import your timetable into your preferred calendar app.

Upgrade to Wi-Fi in key buildings

You can now access the Cisco Wi-Fi service in the Engineering, Informatics Teaching Laboratories and Computer Science Buildings. 

Better outdoor Wi-Fi coverage

We’ve extended the Wi-Fi coverage to previously unserved areas of the Mile End and Charterhouse Square campuses.

Clearer guidance on printing from loaned laptops

We've posted guidance on printing on the laptop loan kiosk to enable students to print from their loaned laptops.

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