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What will I be given at Enrolment

Student ID card

At the enrolment centre your photograph will be taken and your student ID card will be produced for you there and then. This card will grant you access to buildings, you can use it to join the gym and, if you are fully enrolled, it will let you loan books from the Library. Please note that if you are temporarily enrolled, you will not be able to loan books until you are fully enrolled.

Student letters (September start – main enrolment only)

If you are fully enrolled you will be able to request official letters from the University at the enrolment centre. These include:

  • A Bank letter
  • Certificate of study letters

Both your term-time and home addresses need to be up to date on your Mysis records before you come to enrol as they will feature in some of the letters.

Find out about the letters that you will be able to request.

IT account

You will be sent your IT credentials via email in advance of enrolment. You can find out more information about accessing the University's Wi-Fi and your email on the IT Services Website.

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