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Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

Data Sharing

Data generated from clinical trials can be used to address many important research questions beyond those planned in the original trial. This has the potential to provide real benefit to patients and the scientific community.  

The PCTU has developed a PCTU Data Sharing Policy [PDF 271KB] to facilitate controlled access to data from PCTU studies.

Data may be shared either by transferring the data out of the PCTU secure servers or by granting the recipient researcher access to the data while it remains on the PCTU secure servers. A Data Sharing Agreement is required for the former, and a Data Access Request for the latter. The Data Access Request is a simplified form of the Data Sharing Agreement which removes the need for institutional sign off and descriptions relevant to transfer of the data.

For all data sharing requests, please complete PCTU Data Sharing Request Form v1.0 [DOC 548KB] in the first instance and send to the Data Sharing Committee.

Click here for the PCTU Data Sharing Agreement Template v2.0 [DOC 574KB]        

Click here for the PCTU Data Access Request Form v1.0 [DOC 565KB]

The data to be shared needs to be clearly described and prior to data sharing it may be necessary to remove or recode fields so as to reduce the risk of patients being identified, a process known as anonymization.

Click here for further information on PCTU Data Sharing Guidelines v1.0 [PDF 540KB], including guidance on which method of data sharing would be most appropriate to a particular situation

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