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Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

COVID-19 Research

The PCTU recognises the importance of undertaking studies on COVID-19 and of accelerated procedures for such trials. As a UKCRC registered clinical trials unit we are making clinical trials and other well designed studies on COVID-19 a priority.

If you are developing and seeking funding for a COVID-19 related study that needs input in design, statistics, trial management, randomisation, data management, health economics or quality assurance, please contact Please give as much detail of your study as you can provide, who the chief investigator is, and which funding body and funding stream you are applying to. Please also provide a phone number and times when you can be contacted.

We will prioritise research with an urgent need, for example research being submitted to NIHR’s urgent public health call. Some studies, for example those studying the impacts of COVID-19 on healthcare systems to inform future responses to public health emergencies, may be better handled as a routine collaboration, with the usual timescale.

We will reply within two working days to say whether we are able to collaborate in your study or not.

If we are able to collaborate a senior member of the PCTU will ring you to discuss details and timescale. A rapid response team will start to review your protocol/funding application as soon as we receive a first draft and provide a response in line with agreed timelines. In the meantime please do keep us updated with details of new drafts, submissions (including outline or early stage submissions), or responses from funders.

The PCTU are already involved in a number of COVID-19 studies. Among them  Dr. Clare Relton, Prof. Adrian Martineau and colleagues are developing new tools (Virus - Health and Wellbeing checKer), methods (Trials using Cohorts/TwiCs) and research cohorts (COVIDENCE, UK National Health Study) for efficient population health research in the COVID era and beyond. 

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