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Home City Street

Launch: Audio Walk

Join us for the launch of our audio walk (launched in for smart phones) during an afternoon of events that explore what home means to a diverse group of residents who live along the Kingsland Road. Events include

2-3pm Tour of the Almshouses

Join us at the Geffrye for a tour of the Almshouses, one of the oldest forms of social housing in the East End.

3-6pm Test the Audio Walk

The audio walk will be launched via the platform and will start at the Geffrye Museum, go along Kinglsand Road and end in Dalston Square at the Hackney Archives. The curated walk is based on the home-city biography interviews that were carried out with a diverse range of residents living across different tenures in different neighborhoods along the Kingsland Road. The audiowalk takes listeners through the diverse neighbourhoods to explore what home and belonnging means to the different residents.

6-7pm Film Screening

Film screening of the four short films with Debby, Liz, Mark and Ali at the Hackney Archives.

7-8pm Panel Discussion

Panel discussion with a selection of invited speakers that will discuss what home means and how a sense of belonging can be ensured in Hackney and in wider London amidst violent urban change. The panel discussion will provide the grounds for working on a report that addresses political questions in relation to housing and home.

Home-city-stories flyer [PDF 231KB]

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