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Home City Street

Home-City Biographies

Through their focus on the lived experience of home in relation to the wider neighbourhood and city, the home-city biographies explore homes and their residents over time, spanning a range of migration stories, types of housing and tenures.

The 15 home-city biographies below take shape as photo essays: photographs record the everyday experiences of living in a part of the city characterised by great diversity and rapid change. Four short-films have been produced from the home-city biographies of four participants, in collaboration with Eithne Nightingale and Mitch Harris. These films explore and document the connections between home, street, neighbourhood and the wider city. These films are made with Ali, Debby, Liz and Mark.

The 15 home-city biographies form a fascinating catalogue of memories, experiences, thoughts and hopes that create a unique biography of the Kingsland Road and its vicinity.


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