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Postgraduate taught tuition fees for 2017-18

Students enrolling on a postgraduate degree programme are charged tuition fees each year by Queen Mary. The rate you will be charged depends on whether you are assessed as a Home/EU or Overseas student.

International students paying Overseas fees

For overseas fees see our page on International students tuition fees.

Home/EU tuition fees

Download a full schedule of tuition fees for both new and continuing students, broken down by faculty and school/institute:

Tuition fees for taught postgraduate courses 2017-18 [PDF 827 KB]

You can also consult our 2016-17 tuition fees for taught postgraduate courses.

Standard tuition fee rates

Full-time taught postgraduate degrees (including MA, MSc, MRes)

£8,200 for classroom-based subjects
£8,700 for lab-based subjects

Non-standard tuition fee rates

Some taught postgraduate programmes have non-standard rates. These include certain masters degrees in subjects such as Business and Management, Economics, Finance, Law, Medicine and Dentistry. Tuition fee rates for postgraduate certificate (PG Cert) and diploma (PG Dip) programmes are normally set at one-third and two-thirds respectively of the masters degree rate.

Continuing students on full-time and part-time courses

Students on a course lasting more than one year are charged fees each year. An inflationary uplift is applied to the fees charged in the second year and subsequent years of the programme. In 2017-18 fees for continuing students will reflect a 2.8% inflationary increase from 2016-17 fee rates. When the inflationary increase is applied, fees are generally rounded up to the nearest £10.

Variable mode programmes

Students on variable mode programmes are invoiced for the full programme fee at the start of the course, but have the option of entering into a payment plan to pay the fee over two years. There is an administrative charge of £50 for payment plans.

Additional fees

Some courses include compulsory field trips, the cost of which is additional to the tuition fees. You will be notified of any additional fee with your offer of admission.

Deposits and payment of tuition fees

Find out more about payment of deposits and how to pay your tuition fees.

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