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Funding a PhD

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A PhD is a significant investment, but it is one that brings an invaluable personal experience and a wealth of professional opportunities upon your graduation.

There are a range of different sources of funding available for PhD students at QMUL – in fact, we offer 220 fully or partially funded studentships. These include:

Finding funding is an important element of the application process and we recommend that you begin to explore your funding options as early as possible.

Tuition fees and loans

QMUL's tuition fees vary depending on whether you are from the UK or EU, or are coming to study in the UK from further afield.
The international  tuition fees for 2018-9 entry can be downloaded here PhD Tuition Fees 2018-9 [PDF 361KB] 
The home/EU tuition fees are yet to be confirmed for 2018-9 but are likely to be around £4300 per year.

The UK government has also announced plans to provide loans of up to £25,000 for English-resident UK nationals for 2018. Read more about our PhD loans.

What are the PhD funding deadlines?

It is important to be aware that different funding bodies and organisations all have different deadlines: the majority of these will be between November and February prior to the commencement of your PhD project in September.

Other funding opportunities do come up throughout the year, so please be sure to keep checking pages.

Where can I find out more detailed information?

Our Advice and Counselling Service have produced a detailed online funding guide for postgraduate students. This guide includes everything you need to know about money when applying for and planning your postgraduate studies.

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