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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Past Courses: 2015/2016

Title: Sectors of Supersymmetric Field Theories

Matt Buican

The broad goal of these few lectures will be to acquire some tools to answer the following question: given an abstract supersymmetric (SUSY) quantum field theory, what are the non-perturbatively well-defined sub-sectors?

Lecture 1: Chiral Rings, Moduli Spaces, and Conformal Manifolds

In this I will review basic aspects of chiral operators, with a special focus on 4D theories with 8 Poincare supercharges (i.e., N=2 SUSY). Using these operators, I will discuss basic aspects of moduli spaces and conformal manifolds.

Lecture 2: Chiral Algebras and Higher-Dimensional Theories

I will review briefly review the construction of chiral algebras and then focus on their relationship with a particular sub-sector of operators in higher-dimensional theories. I will again focus mostly on 4D N=2 theories.

Lecture 3: Synthesizing Chiral Rings and Chiral Algebras

I will aim to discuss some recent work that seeks to relate the objects introduced in the first two lectures. Given enough time, we may also discuss generalizations of these ideas.

16/5/2016 10:30-12:30 G.O. Jones 610
18/5/2016 10:30-12:30 G.O. Jones 610
20/5/2016 10:30-12:30 G.O. Jones 610


Title: A First Introduction to String Amplitudes

Rodolfo Russo

The topics that will be covered in these  lectures will be the following:

Lecture 1: Veneziano amplitude: derivation, low and high energy limits

Lecture 2: Derivation of the Virasoro-Shapiro amplitude; 4 graviton amplitude in the superstring (no derivation, but discussion of the low and high energy limits)

Lecture 3: An example of mixed open/closed amplitudes


2/11/2015 10:00-12:30 G.O. Jones 610
10/11/2015 10:00-12:30 G.O. Jones 610
11/11/2015 10:00-12:30 G.O. Jones 610

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