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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Past Courses: 2013/2014

Title: Nonperturbative Techniques and Soliton Dynamics In 4 and 5 Dimensions

Costis Papageorgakis

This is an introductory mini-course on soliton dynamics. After discussing the classical solutions of instantons and monopoles in 4d, we will move on to study their zero-modes and associated moduli spaces. We will then proceed with aspects of quantum soliton dynamics in the semi-classical approximation. Finally, we will apply these techniques to instanton-solitons in 5d super Yang-Mills and explore the possible connections of these objects to the superconformal (2,0) theory of multiple M5-branes in 6d.

01/10/2013 16:00-18:00  Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms 3.01
04/10/2013 16:00-18:00  Law 3.08-B
07/10/2013 16:00-18:00  Arts One 1.31
08/10/2013 16:00-18:00  Engineering 3.25

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