ARQ - Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary

PhD students

 Mr Wanlin Li

Mr Jan Fras

Mr Faisal Aljaber

Mr Luis Andres Puertolas Balint

Mr Taqi Abrar

Mr Fabrizio Putzu

Mr Ahmad Ali

Mr Ahmed Hassan

Mr Abu Bakar Dawood

Mr Muhammad Sami Siddiqui

Mr Joshua Brown

Mr Ata Otaran

Mr Bukeikhan Omarali

Ms Francesca Palermo

Ms Nuria Pena Perez

Mr Francesco Soave

Ms Charlotte Nordmoen

Mr Stephen Agha

  • e-mail:
  • supervisor: Dr Hasan Shaheed
  • school: SEMS
  • topic: Design, Modelling and control of an intelligent semi-autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle for search and rescue application.

Mr Aly Abidali

Mr Gokhan Solak

Mr Brice Denoun

Mr Rodrigo Zenha

  • e-mail:
  • supervisor: Dr Lorenzo Jamone
  • school: EECS
  • topic:  Learning from tactile information for adaptive control of robotic manipulation tasks
  • Projects: MAN^3: huMAN-inspired robotic MANipulation for advanced MANufacturing, funded by EPSRC

Mr Thomas Kaplan

Mr Zhujin Jiang

Mr Augusto Bonzini

Mr Navin Patel


If you are interested in joining ARQ please see the PhDs page.