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Queen Mary expert co-edits special issue on ‘Contextual Legal Pedagogy’

Professor Maks Del Mar has co-edited a special issue of the International Journal of Law in Context on ‘Contextual Legal Pedagogy’ with Kenneth Armstrong and Sally Sheldon.

Special issue on Contextual Legal Pedagogy cover

The Law in Context series at Cambridge University Press, co-edited by the above three editors, has long been a champion of and platform for contextual legal pedagogy. But what are the challenges and prospects for teaching law contextually today? What are the ethics and politics of contextualism? Is teaching law contextually still as radical as it used to be? And why do the pedagogical questions matter - in other words, what can we learn about law by reflecting on how to teach law contextually? These questions are explored by the contributors to this issue, which also includes a paper by Dr Roxana Banu, Lecturer in the School of Law at Queen Mary, on teaching private international law contextually. 

Maks Del Mar, Professor of Legal Theory and Legal Humanities at Queen Mary, is on the Editorial board of the IJLC serving as its Encounters editor.



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