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Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott interviewed on Good Morning Scotland about the Article 50


Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott was interviewed on Good Morning Scotland about the Article 50 ‘Brexit appeal’ court case. She said: “It revolves around this vexed issue of whether the Article 50 notice which triggered off the whole Brexit process can be unilaterally revocable. The whole question is, if sometime between now and the possible Brexit date, 29 March 2019, Britain decides it doesn’t want to leave the EU at all, could Britain simply say we take back this notice, we don’t want to leave, and the view that’s been coming out of the UK Government is that no that’s not possible.” She added: ”On the other hand there are plenty of people including a lot of people who are EU legal experts who say actually that’s not the case.” Listen to the full interview (From 1 hour 37 minutes).



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