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Professor Del Mar publishes special issue on ‘Cognitive Legal Humanities’

Maks Del Mar, Professor of Legal Theory and Legal Humanities, has co-edited, together with Professor Simon Stern (Toronto), a special issue of CAL (Critical Analysis of Law) – an open-access, interdisciplinary legal studies journal – on ‘Cognitive Legal Humanities’.

A recreation of the statue 'The Thinker'

Cognitive Legal Humanities (CLH) is an emerging domain of interdisciplinary legal research, sitting at the crossroads of the cognitive sciences, humanities, and law. Building on second-generation cognitive science, which emphasises the embodiment, affectivity, and ecology of cognition, CLH emphasises the importance of historicising cognition when relating it to law, and considering what is at stake, ethically and politically, in that historicization. Read the introduction to the special issue by the editors.

Papers range from medieval and early modern European explorations of embodied judgement to the racialised distributions of cognitive burdens in 19th and 20th centuries America.

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