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Human Rights Law Centre


Students have the opportunity to study a range of human rights law subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The School of Law has world renowned academics in this field, with extensive experience of working with and advising the UN, the EU, national and international governments and organisations. Consequently the School attracts students from around the globe, which enriches both the student and learning experience, providing first hand comparative awareness and understanding of how other jurisdictions protect human rights.

At postgraduate level students can choose to study a Masters LLM in Human Rights Law or select human rights law modules as part of their LLM. Queen Mary also offers a range of human rights legal areas in which students may research for their PhD doctorates. Postgraduate students at Queen Mary qualify for access to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and their world class library and collection of human rights resource materials.

Human Rights Law Programmes at Queen Mary



Undergraduate law students may choose to study International Human Rights Law and UK Human Rights Law modules.

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