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Centre for Computational Biology

Members of the CCB

Members of the CCB are principal investigators drawn from across QMUL, and are listed here as core members (for whom computational biology is a major focus of their research) or associate members (whose research focus is elsewhere but who make significant use of, or contribution to, computational biology). If you are interested in becoming a CCB member, please contact us

Core members

  • Professor Claude Chelala - Cancer Bioinformatics, Integrative bioinformatics, Software development.
  • Professor Conrad Bessant - Proteomics, Machine learning, Integrative Bioinformatics.
  • Professor Trevor Graham - Cancer Evolution, Cancer Bioinformatics.
  • Dr Michael Barnes - Translational Bioinformatics, Cardiovascular.
  • Dr King Wai Lau  - Cancer Bioinformatics, Machine learning.
  • Dr Rob Lowe - Epigenetics, Computational modelling.
  • Dr Fabrizio Smeraldi - Pattern recognition.
  • Dr Yannick Wurm - Evolutionary Bioinformatics, comparative genomics, emerging model organisms, software to facilitate visualisation & analysis of large genomic datasets
  • Dr Chris Duffy - Carotenoid research.
  • Dr Dayem Ullah- Rutherford Fellow. Pancreatic cancer epidemiology
  • Dr Kathleen Curtius- Rutherford Fellow. Cancer screening and surveillance, mathematical modelling 
  • Dr Gill Harper- Developing near real-time integrated scaleable geospatial data platforms to enhance electronic health records 
  • Dr Damian Smedley-  Using phenotype data for disease diagnosis, identify novel disease genes & animal models
  • Dr Bori Mifsud- Chromatin structure and regulation, leukaemia
  • Dr Jun Wang- bioinformatics, clonal evolution, driver mutations
  • Dr Robert W Janes - Bioinformatics tools and resources for circular dichroism spectroscopy and structural biology
  • Dr Mario Dos Reis Barros- Phylogenetics, Population Genetics and Comparative Genomics
  • Dr Weini Huang- Lecturer in Mathematical Biology
  • Dr Adriano Barbosa- Rutherford Fellow. Cardiovascular translational research

Associate members

  • Dr Jon Hays - Fundamental particles
  • Dr Lorenzo Botto - Fluid mechanics, Material sciences
  • Dr Jesús Carrión- Statistical Processing, Cardiovascular, modelling
  • Prof Rob Kramsmechanotransduction, atherosclerosis, synthetic biology, mouse models
  • Dr Miguel Branco- retroelement, embryonic stem cells, cancer 
  • Dr Bob Jones- statistical physics 
  • Dr William MarshData analysis, machine learning and probabilistic modelling for decisions support in medical applications


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