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Symposium published on Professor Maks Del Mar’s Artefacts of Legal Inquiry

The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy has published a symposium on Professor Maks Del Mar’s book, Artefacts of Legal Inquiry: The Value of Imagination in Adjudication.

Artefacts of Legal Inquiry book cover

The symposium includes essays by Claudio Michelon (Law, Edinburgh), Adriana Alfaro Altamirano (Politics, Mexico), Iris van Domselaar (Law, Amsterdam), and Greg Walker (English, Edinburgh), and follows an event held in Edinburgh in early 2022.

The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy (NJLP) is an international peer-reviewed journal, devoted to the study of legal philosophy and jurisprudence and to the foundations of legal sciences in the broad sense of the term.

This symposium follows symposia also in the Journal of Legal Philosophy, Jurisprudence, and Junkyard: A Scholarly Blog Devoted to the study of Imagination.




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