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International Arts & Humanities Excellence Awards

Scholarship overview

QMUL are proud to offer international merit based scholarships for UG 2018 entry. These scholarships are valued at £5,000 per annum, which will be awarded to UG overseas fee paying students who achieve AAA or international equivalent. The Awards in subsequent years are dependent on meeting progression criteria.

This scholarship will apply to all undergraduate courses offered by the following Schools:

Scholarship value

The scholarship is worth £5,000. To be eligible to receive the scholarship, you must be a UG overseas fee paying students who achieves AAA/36 IB points (or International equivalent). Please refer to our equivalence table.

Undergraduate Overseas Equivalent [.xlsx 13 KB]

How do I apply?

There is no need to complete a separate application form to be considered for an International Arts & Humanities Excellence Award. Students will be considered for an award on the basis of the information they provide in their online application to Queen Mary. Successful candidates will be informed of their award via email notification from the Arts & Humanities Faculty Office.

The scholarship is then awarded upon successful progression to year two with a minimum average of 70% and again into year three should they maintain this average.

Eligibility criteria

1. You must have achieved AAA/36 IB points (or International equivalent).
2. You must be eligible to pay overseas tuition fees.
3. This scheme is available only to students who apply for and enrol in an eligible course in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities in the 2018/19 academic year.
4. You must not be in receipt of any other College scholarship or full-fee scholarship from any other source, e.g. Chevening.
5. If you are awarded the £5,000 scholarship it will be deducted directly from tuition fees payable to the College. You must be able to finance the remainder of your tuition fees and living expenses.
6. Students who take an industrial placement year as part of a two year MSc will not receive a scholarship during this year in industry.

Please note School scholarships are subject to university wide Terms and Conditions as well as any course/School/Faculty conditions or criteria outline.

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